Thursday, June 28, 2007


This is Katrina, ASA Kat. She is an 18 year old bay Paso Fino mare. She is very underweight but gaining. She came to the rescue farm through Tennessee through Chance's Mini Horse Rescue. Since they do not do regular size horses, I agreed to take Kat. She was even thinner before Susan from Chance's picked her up. She was also being ridden, in that condition! Kat was supposedly miss placed during Hurricane Katrina and ended up in Tennessee. If anyone recognizes her, please contact me. It is amazing what stories come attached with the horses. Our biggest concern is what happens to her from now on. She needs love and care and plenty of TLC. She is available for adoption or foster. Contact Cheryl at


Alicia said...

I have been fostering, Katrina aka Trina for about a month now and she is the best horse any one could ask for. When you go out in the pasture to see her, you better bring a brush. She loves to be rubbed all over and loves kisses. She has gained alot of her weight back and is very greatful to me for the TLC. It makes me feel so bad just walking back to the house, she follows me to the gate then stands there with this sad look like she wants me to stay and never leave. You can feel her love for you, as she will beg for a hug.
She has a boyfriend now named Rex and he she very protective of her. She has not been ridden yet because she still needs more weight. I will take some pictures of her and her face to be posted on the web site.

Leah.x said...

Hello,my name is leah and i am 14 years old and looking for a friendly loving horse to have.
would you be able to tell her what size she is pelase.